Taya Valkyrie On Bringing Lucha Elements In The NWA, Thinks More Mexican Talents Might Help

Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie recently talked about bringing a Lucha style to the company, competing for the NWA World Women’s Title at NWA 74, and other topics. 

She answered a lot of questions in the podcast. Here are a few things we have her opinion on now.

Om adapting luchador style to the company: 

She said that she had learned a variety of styles throughout her career, with the Lucha libre style and others having the biggest influence. She continued by saying that she might bring that up at the table. She is the only luchador-style wrestler employed by the firm, so she plans to make an effort to bring in more of them. However, she also said that she is learning to use that and adapt to the NWA’s particular style, which is distinct from other locations.

Taya Valkyrie Opened Up About How NWA Needs More Wrestlers Like Her: 

She also talked about having more Mexican talents in the competition. She said that they are just fantastic, those guys. She added that the Lucha Brothers were in the main event when she just had the opportunity to wrestle Taurus and that they are all incredibly talented. Bandido, Laredo Kid—she believed she could go on forever. Taya acknowledged that she always gushed about those guys. They are highly gifted, and they work very hard. They are attempting to get outside while doing the terrible thing. She was pleased for them and that more and more Mexican artists may be recognized and respected for their work because what they’re doing is so fantastic.

Taya Valkyrie also said that some amazing women are doing very well, and she thinks they deserve their fair chances to compete on the platform.

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