Mitch McConnell Has A Plan To Deal With Trump: Ignorance

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell, the minority leader of the Senate, reacted to an attack on him by then-President Donald Trump. Trump had written a lengthy letter against the Minority Leader, which gained headlines all over. A source closer to the Senate said that when he came across the attack, he simply laughed about it. The reaction simply shows how he is planning to regain post-Trump America. His plan is to ignore the ex-White House occupier and focus on winning Senate Majority back. 

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell had a very public fallout after the deadly Capitol Riots back in early January that shook the nation. The riot was carried out by many Trump’s supporters, and the leader of the GOP pointed it out. But over the weeks, the leader has now made it clear that he wants to do nothing with the former President now. He reportedly also said that he has now “moved on.”

But Trump recently showered an attack on the Minority Leader. The letter was full of several false claims, wrongful statements, and even personal broadsides. And McConnell has zero plans to even respond. 

Mitch McConnell’s Main Focus Has Shifted

A source familiar with the matter closely and close to Mitch McConnell gave a statement on the GOP leader’s behalf. They said that people may not hear Mitch ever say that name again (Donald Trump). He is now “moving on.” But Trump may not have a similar plan to it. 

Donald Trump plans to endorse several candidates in the Senate primaries. This could lead to a clash between the two again. Nevertheless, Mitch McConnell has plans, only known to his associates, to focus more on President Joe Biden’s agenda for the country. Sources also have stated that the Minority Leader is too disciplined to take a bait by Trump.