‘RHOC’: Shannon And Tamra Drink Shots to Fresh Start As Taylor Armstrong And Heather Fight

Taylor Armstrong

On the RHOC, an old bridge had been repaired and new boundaries had been crossed. Tensions between Taylor Armstrong and Heather Dubrow, who came together this season in the position of the “friend of”, grew in the Bravo series’ episode airing on Wednesday.

When the ex-RHOBH celeb admitted she felt humiliated by Dubrow after having offered the 55-year-old actor a part in her next film Masterpiece, Taylor, 52, and Tamra Judge went out to lunch. Taylor claims that Heather agreed to take the role when another actress unexpectedly backed out. Heather invited Taylor Armstrong to an acting class after giving her a call and giving her a script, she called her efforts “cute”. Tamra concurred in a candid interview, stating that Heather’s manner of speaking has a tone of belittling other people at times. 

Taylor Armstrong Revealed That She Was Not Angry At Heather But Simply Upset

Taylor Armstrong continued by revealing that Dubrow left the movie screenplay on the desk as the television flashed back to the previous week’s show, in which the TV star had said she would do so in case she needed to work the scene with someone. “I don’t have a beef with Heather,” said Taylor Armstrong, adding that her feelings were just wounded, she was not angry but disappointed. 

Later on in their meal, Taylor revealed how, when speaking with directors, she suggested that they check up on Heather’s accomplishments on IMDb because she “had a long career in acting,” but the firm insisted that she provide her casting tape. Then, while Tamra and Taylor debated Heather’s acting abilities, they looked up her credits on the website. Later, Taylor admitted that although she had intended to confront the ex-actress, her thoughts were preoccupied with the reasons why she turned down the part.