Taylor Swift Had A Stage Malfunction During Her Eras Tour

taylor swift
Taylor Swift on Nov. 21, 2013, just a few months after the Denver meet-and-greet that resulted in lawsuits. Former radio host David Mueller sued Swift, claiming she had gotten him fired. Swift countersued for sexual assault.

American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift suffered a major on-stage malfunction during her Eras Tour last Friday in Cincinnati. The malfunction occurred when the singer’s door to the stage failed to open as Taylor Swift was about to go out on stage. This malfunction caused Taylor Swift to hurry back offstage. In a video on TikTok, Swift can be seen waiting for the podium which would get her down offstage as she had just finished a performance. However, the door to the podium did not open, and this resulted in Swift running and exiting with the dancers off the stage. 

Taylor had to run backstage where she quickly had a dress change for her next song performance, she certainly wanted to be on schedule with the program’s order. Swift was donning a black one-legged bodysuit and high heel boots when her stage malfunction occurred. In the video on TikTok, fans stated in the comments section that the faulty door did open, however, by the time it did, the Look What You Made Me Do singer had already run offstage.

Taylor Swift Had Other Stage Malfunctions In Recent Past

In her last couple of onstage performances, Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift had a number of stage malfunctions and even injuries. Back in May of 2023 during her show in Philadelphia, Taylor Swift had engaged with a security personnel who was harassing a woman. A video of her asking the security person to stop had been posted on her TikTok by the woman of whose aid the singer had come. Other incidents involve the singer performing in heavy rain while in her Chicago show an insect had flown in her mouth.