Ilhan Omar On The Effective System Of Protesting Through Boycotts

Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar, the Representative based in Minnesota, gave a statement with regard to the issue of the all-star game. It was stated that this kind of protest had been carried out earlier as a move against the acts of justice. The statement came in this Sunday. The statement originates from the voting law that was passed by the state of Georgia. The law violates the spirit of democracy when it comes to the rights of the voters. As a result of this, the decision has been taken that Major League Baseball will not be taking place in the state of Georgia.

Ilhan Omar On Democracy

Ilhan Omar gave a long statement explaining the importance of the boycott. She stated that there have been situations where people have opted for boycotting as a major protest against some undemocratic acts. And the same has proved to be effective for the delivery of justice. The representative further stated that the movements concerning civil rights had a very close relationship with the acts of boycotting.

She also made mention of South Africa and the system of apartheid that prevailed in the region. The statement was given at an interview on a news channel that she had attended. Ilhan Omar further went on to say that the hope behind the boycott of Major League Baseball is to bring about the desired legal changes.

On democracy, the 38-year-old Representative stated that restricting the right to vote of the citizens of a country is a blow to the system of democracy. When a country’s citizens do not have the right to cast a vote, the democracy cannot be called a fully functioning one. Ilhan Omar concluded her statement by saying that as a beacon of democracy in the world, the United States of America must make sure that they stand their ground.