Documents Needed To Apply For Social Security

social security

The Social Security Administration provides millions of Americans with social
security aid to the retired. To avail of this payment, the claimant has to present
varied documents as required by SSA. For citizens who were born in a foreign country, it is required to have U.S. citizenship of valid foreign status, by the SSA. In this case, the SSA accepts documents, strictly originals or copies which are certified by the
organization issuing the individual for social security. Other vital documents are the Social Security number or the SS Card of the claimant. The SSA then identifies and verifies the recipients.

For ex-military claimants who have served before 1968, the SSA requests for a copy of the service papers of the U.S. military, with which a photocopy must be presented, to get the
document validation. Claimants of this trust fund must present updated documents, as the SSA rejects any notarized documents, copies, or photocopies which are no longer invalid
anymore. Other important documents necessary are the claimant’s previous year’s self-employment tax refund or a copy of the W-2 Form.

Social Security At Stake With Looming Debt Ceiling

The looming U.S. debt ceiling has brought millions of social security beneficiaries at stake, as funds may run out. The federal government had taken the maximum borrowing capacity of $ 31.4 trillion, which House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had noted in his letter on May 15, that this can result in the complete exhaustion of the Treasury and cause suspension of government programs by the beginning of June. However, certainly, recipients may still expect their social security payments for June, as the Treasury must fulfill.