Release Of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” By Taylor Swift An Event In Nashville, “I Enjoy Surprising You”

taylor swift
taylor swift

Taylor Swift recently revealed the details of her upcoming album remake!

When she revealed Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on Friday at her hometown Nashville performance at the Nissan Stadium, fireworks flew. She also lighted up the walkway violet to complement the record.

The 33-year-old Swift said that there was a special reason for her excitement behind the set that night before taking the stage with her beautiful solo songs. The pop singer further added that she had something exciting planned for quite some time. Referring to her audience, Taylor Swift spoke on how she loved making plans to surprise us and then reveal her schemes, plots, and plans (Mastermind, much?), adding that it was her way of expressing her love for us.

Decoding Taylor Swift’s Easter Eggs For Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Launch

While she gave her monologue, the screen behind her, lit up displaying the revised cover for her album “Speak Now” with the essential “(Taylor’s Version)” as its caption. The new Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is all set to release on the 7th of July this year. Taylor Swift then launched into “Sparks Fly,” one Speak Now highlights. Saying later that the news of her rendition of the album would be released on 7th July, and that it made her extremely happy and proud. Giving the audience a bit of a back story on the album, she said that it was an album that she had written for the first time entirely by herself when she was about 18-20 years of age. The songs of the album are not only beautiful but honest, and wistful.

Fans had been speculating the launch of Speak Now anyway, after having picked up on some of the easter eggs that Taylor Swift has been dropping for a while. Such as working in the Grammeys with the same designer she collaborated with during the era of Speak Now, including her Speak Now guitar in the music video for Anti-Hero or even playing the tune of Enchanted at the beginning of Bejewled. The Queen of Easter Eggs has, therefore, struck again.