Taylor Swift Releases Her Latest Album “Midnights”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s new Album Midnights just released. This is her 10th album, all albums have been mindblowing ones from 1989 to Midnights. The artist never drops the album altogether, they keep the suspense alive and drop hints like breadcrumbs at a very slow pace, and then the showstopper comes.

Taylor Swift’s New Album Release: Midnights

Not long, after the album releases a few hours ago and already caught the eye of the netizens, critiques are fully warmed up to make comments. Her cover of the album shows she’s wearing a dark blue eyeshadow which is the color is midnight blue, and holding a gas lighter. Each one of the songs describes a different story and comes with different criticism. This is one of the most challenging albums of hers, after her doctoral degree from NYU.

The news of the new album was shared only by Taylor swift herself promising the fans more self-exposure and more experiments on the story she is portraying. although she didn’t reveal the whole story neither will, but by dropping hints here and there via her social media for months now. Taylor Swift’s Midnights is more storytelling from the first-person point of view and shakes off the habit that once served her through and through commercially.

Taylor Swift has always been in the headline for her dating life, whatsoever she is an amazing singer through and through, and that too over a decade, she has won grammy awards. She has been bullied by Kanye on stage but she replied to him with kindness and no one will ever forget that MTV award show.

Her songwriting skill is the one we always look for and relate to, subtle and brilliant.No one is worried about her next move but whatever she is doing now is incredible indeed, as continues experimenting with pop music.