Sen. Ted Cruz Distributes Water & BBQ in Texas

Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz has had a shameful week. He flew to Cancun, Mexico, with his family and friends for a vacation. He did this when his state Texas was buried in snow all week. The Texans have been without power, heat, and even food crisis. A departmental store told its customers to take what they had in their carts home without paying. 

Hence, he was heavily criticized for his actions. This made him take a return ticket to Texas. He gave a statement saying that he was trying to be a “good dad.” And further said that he understood why the citizens were upset with him. 

Apt to return for the weekend to Mexico, Ted Cruz stayed back in Texas to help aid the crisis. 

Ted Cruz Distributes Water And Barbecue To Citizens

Ted Cruz, along with several photographers, helped distribute water bottles to citizens who have been suffering from no drinkable water at all. The water crisis is just one of the issues the state is facing following the deadly snowstorm that took over and had been ravaging citizens ever since. The state was brought to a standstill due to it. 

After the activities on Saturday on Sunday, Ted Cruz posted several pictures of him and others distributing water as well as slicing briskets. Some images also included him posing with law officers in uniforms. Some of them were first responders and firefighters. 

Ted Cruz’s children’s school also spoke about the situation. But while this was happening, on SNL, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was raising money for Texans in their trying times. She also distributed food at the Texas Food Bank. Then she raised over 5 million dollars with other Reps of D-Texas. 

These funds are expected to roam around several food banks around the state.

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