Donald Trump’s Lies About The Election Still Lingers

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump voters gave their votes in a survey conducted by Suffolk University and USA Today. The survey asked the ex-President’s supporters to confirm whether his lies relating to the 2020 Presidential Elections were part of today’s politics. 

On Sunday, a source from the newspaper mentioned that several supporters of the previous President embrace a certain version of the Capitol Riots that have been debunked. Many law and independent fact-checkers have also denied such things that happened during the event. When several of these voters were asked to describe the riots, they replied ‘an attack inspired by Antifa.’ They also added that there were very few Trump supporters there. This was from 58%. 

Only 4% called the event a coup by President Trump. 28% of these surveyors said that it was a rally inspired by his supporters to attack the Capitol. 

How Trump’s Politics Still Linger

President Trump often told his supporters not to believe all that is heard or seen. Some of these fans have agreed as well. When it came to the impeachment of the then-President, barely 4% said it made them not support him anymore. Over 42% said that their belief in him had increased even more ever since. 44% said that none had any effect on their support. 

Many had also accused the TV shows of promoting the Big Lie when Rep. Scalise was given 10 minutes on Sunday. They have also been accused of having a mission to wash out the truth of the riots against Trump. Lara Trump defended her father-in-law on Judge Jeanine, saying he is the person several will look at for help. Even if it was 2022. 

In 2016, the same supporters, nearly 58% of them, mentioned that FOX was their most reliable source of news.