Tempers flare in Dodgers-Astros game following sign-stealing punishment

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros met for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic for a game. Tensions were high after the two teams started verbally abusing each other. 

Although the game started well, at the end of the sixth inning, Joe Kelly and Carlos Correa started sizing each other up. 

The ball that Joe Kelly threw caused Correa to fall, which made him stick his tongue out. Eventually, the entire team got involved and the benches were cleared. However, no reports of physical violence have been given. 

The game was won by Dodgers in a stunning 5-2. On Wednesday, the two teams will get another chance to play again. 

Earlier in January, the Astros were punished after it was revealed that the team created a communication system to sabotage the other team in their 2017 championship season. That was the year the Dodgers were defeated by the Astros. 

The manager and the general manager were suspended thereafter without pay for an entire season. Furthermore, the team was denied their first and second round of selection for 2020 and 2021 drafts. The team was additionally charged a fine of $5 million. 

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