President’s Employers Vaccine Mandate Freeze Upheld By Federal Court


An appeals court has upheld its earlier verdict to put on hold the President’s order of mandatory vaccination covering companies with 100 or more employees. It effectively rejects a challenge mounted by the administration.

A 22-page observation by the 5th United States Court of Appeals upheld the decision that the mandate for vaccination issued by OSHA was totally flawed, and was under-inclusive and also over-inclusive.

It held that the vaccine mandate was over-inclusive in that it made little distinction between an employee working an isolated shift and another working close in a confined packing section of a warehouse.

It was under-inclusive as it mandated organizations with 100 or more employees while making little attempt to guard employees with less than that number.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration ruling stands temporarily blocked in connection to regular testing of employees and wearing of face masks. OSHA comes under the labor department and had disclosed plans that were to become effective from January 4, 2022.

Most Republican-controlled states have challenged the ruling. They have contended that OSHA has gone beyond its mandate. Labor unions have also rejected the ruling as they believe that the vaccine mandate isn’t enough to shield workers.

The Ruling By The Court Of Appeals On The Vaccine Mandate Could Be Disbanded Next Week

The ruling by the Court of Appeals could, however, stand dissolved as all unresolved challenges against the rules set up by OSHA have been combined and will come up at an appeals court, a process called the multi-circuit lottery.

The multi-circuit lottery will be conducted on Tuesday next by the Multidistrict Litigation judicial panel, based in DC. Under this system, the circuit court names where legal challenges have been filed against the vaccine mandate by the federal administration will be put in a drum. The official will then select a single circuit court out of the raffle drum. All the pending cases will be transferred to that court.

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