Thanksgiving Day Parade A Hit For NBC

Thanksgiving Day Parade
Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Day Parade has now become a tradition in the United States. People go out in large numbers to witness the parade live. However, this year the story was different. The covid pandemic has had a definitive impact on people’s lives. They are very much unwilling to get out of their houses.

However, thanks to NBC, people could witness the same extravaganza on TV. The live telecast seemed to be a huge hit with the audiences. A large number of people tuned in to watch Macy’s parade. This was the 95th anniversary of the traditional parade. NBC’s telecast garnered a whopping viewership of 25million. Thursday’s telecast was the most viewed segment this year.  

The show lasted for three long hours. The initial timing of the telecast was at 9 am. However, the network decided to run a repeat airing of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The repeat was aired from 2 pm and lasted till 5 pm. A total of 25.4million viewers witnessed the spectacle. The adult viewership was also very much impressive this year. It was found out that people aged between 18-49 years rated 6.4 on the viewership scale. Let us learn more about the event in detail below. 

Thanksgiving Day Parade Has Lesser Viewers Than Previous Year 

The telecast of the Thanksgiving Day Parade was a massive hit. However, on close inspection, something else was revealed. It was observed that the viewership had gone down significantly. This comparison was made about the previous year. 

In 2020 the traditional event was not open to the public. It was television-only. The Thanksgiving Day Parade was viewed by 25.9million people last year. The difference in viewership is lost likely due to the upliftment of the restrictions. Many people went to witness the Thanksgiving Day  Parade in person.