The 2021 NHL Draft Begins: The First Round

Winter Classic 2022
Winter Classic 2022

The first round of the 2021 NHL Draft is sure to bring in suspense and intrigue as it continues. 

Owen is the first rank holder amongst the American athletes but has no assurance that he will be picked by the Sabres. The Sabres earned their pick rank in the 2021 Draft Lottery.

Power had 16 points scored by him and earned a plus20 rank out of 26 games. He represented Michigan University in his debut season. He had 3 assists to his name and an average of 20 minutes on the ice at the Latvian World Championship where he played for Canada. 

Owen Power was very elated to be in the pole position as it feels like an honor to him and his family but in the end, it is not his decision to be made. He will not be disappointed even if he is not picked as Number 1. 

The Rounds from 2 to 7 are to be held on Saturday.

2021 NHL Draft: Few Players To Be Followed

The Buffalo GM feels excited to be on the top of the NHL Draft as there is a great pool of players to choose from. It is great and fun to evaluate these young talents, as stated by Kevyn Adams. The Kraken will begin their season after they pick their first player at Number 2.

The season had become quite unpredictable due to the Coronavirus as the players had to broadcast their talents via videos and such.   

The Ducks and Devils got the 3rd and 4th picks for the 2021 NHL Draft, while the Jackets got theirs at No.5. 

Some of the top skaters in the 2021 NHL Draft are Mason McTavish, Kent Johnson, Luke Hughes, Dylan Guenther, and Matthew Beniers. Three players coming from a similar NCAA program have never seen selected in the Round 1 of the Draft. William Eklund is the first rank holder among the International skaters. He won the Rookie Award in the Swedish league. 

There is a high chance to see two goalies signed in the first round of the 2021 NHL Draft, in the form of Cossa and Wallstedt. They are quite famous and have been performing consistently at the highest level of the sport.