DeAndre Hopkins Uncertain About The Future As NFL Releases New Policy

DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins tweeted that he was uncertain about his sporting career as NFL released the latest COVID-19 policies. DeAndre Hopkins is currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals.

The League released the policy that when a game fails to be rescheduled in the season because of some outbreak of the virus among the unvaccinated members, the team must be held responsible and will have to forfeit the game, forcefully. The franchise will also have to pay for the losses incurred by the management. In addition to all these punishments, they will also have to answer the NFL commissioner for such an incident.

DeAndre Hopkins’ Reaction To The Changes

DeAndre Hopkins was disappointed when he heard such news as he does not want to participate in the vaccination drive and feels that he might hurt his team in the long run. Hopkins has removed the tweet right after it gained traction on the internet but has uploaded another captioned “freedom?”. He has also received support from other athletes including Jalen Ramsey. Ramsay spoke about how he would not look down on a teammate for not taking his shots. 

The new policies also raised questions about seeding in the playoffs. 67 players had to be dropped due to the virus. Larry Fitzgerald was dropped for some weeks after he was observed to be positive for the COVID-19.

DeAndre Hopkins had a beautiful NFL career where he got selected for the Pro-Bowl five times and chosen for the First team in the All-Pro honors three times. His catch in the game against Buffalo Bills was nominated as the Best Play in 2021. The play was later named “Hail Murray”. Arizona is scheduled to begin their season on 12th September against the Titans which will be played out in Nashville.