The AGT Judge Simon Cowell Afraid Of Talking?

Simon Cowell

The maker of One Direction and Little Mix, Simon Cowell, who never sugarcoat anything is scared of a talking show. Here is why, he is not confident about a talk show, giving and receiving compliments is his thing. But giving people knowledge or talking about random things isn’t something he is built for. He has been in the glamour world for more than two decades but talk show still scares him the most.

Simon Cowell Lacks Bravery

He has revealed he is not a talk show material guy whatsoever. Simon Cowell is known for being unapologetically truthful about their performances. He knows how to run the business and being a producer he knows all the nitty-gritties in the show business. However, being brave doesn’t always pay off in the glamor industry, you need to have the courage to talk which Simon Cowell lacks.

He has been offered to host a talk show or even better has his own talk show, but both failed. In his own words, he is not someone who could literally talk to people, and before his own talk show was about launch even after the studio setup was finished, he backed off.

Simon Cowell is only comfortable with judging people’s talents besides Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. He has been doing this for ages and has polished himself in this field so much that even thinking about doing something other than Judge feels off to him.

He feels great when he sees so many aspiring stars pushing themselves to win the show and working so hard to get where they are now.AGT is a fascinating show and quite tempting for the contestants to be in. They united so many people including themselves. With surprises and shocking performances, Simon Cowell enjoyed the show.