Simon Cowell Says His Eight Years Old Son Has Helped Him To Find A New Balance

Simon Cowell

In a recent conversation, Simon Cowell discussed one of several aspects his young kid has altered his attitude with his job. He said he don’t work late at night anymore.

Simon Cowell is talking openly regarding how being a father altered his perspective on his job. The Sun, had the chance to take an interview of Simon Cowell, where the, 63-year-oldb judge, sat for a relaxed garden discussion concerning his career’s past, present, and future, in addition to the X component in his personal life: his child Eric, who is 8 years old.

Simon Cowell in this recent interview has revealed that if Eric hasn’t been there for him, he don’t even know how his life would turn into. He said that before his kid came along, his work consumed most of his life.

Simon Cowell Revealed How His Eight Years Old Kid Has Changed His Mind:

Simon Cowell and his fiancée Lauren Silverman are parents to a kid who’d been born in twenty-fourteen. He has the surname of Simon Cowell’s deceased father, with someone whom he shared a close relationship before his passing.

After he lost his parents, he thought that he might not feel that love he felt coming from his parents. But then, Simon Cowell continued that when one have their child, they can get much more than that love from their parents.

The America’s Got Talent reality show’s judge had reportedly been unhappy before the birth of his son. Now that Eric is around, Simon says, that he don’t stick with his works at night, and he said that only the almighty knows what might have happened if the child haven’t been born.

The Television personality went on to explain his working hours at the peak of his fame, claiming that he often worked till 4, 6, and occasionally 8 a.m.