The Beatles Reveals Funny Secrets

The Beatles
The Beatles

The Beatles have made their place in musical folklore. They are considered as one of the best bands in the modern history of music. The main success of the band was steered by teamwork. All the members of the band joined forces together. They worked tirelessly day in and day out for the success of the band. However, recently leaked recordings from 1969 have revealed a shocking truth. The band thought of nearly sacking George Harrison. The situation was so serious that they even had a backup for Harrison. Let us take a look at the incident in detail below. 

The Beatles Almost Split Up Reveals Old Recordings 

Fans are shocked to know that The Beatles almost got split in the year 1969. Some of the recordings from 1969 have been leaked recently. What came up from them was utterly shocking. George Harrison was almost replaced by Eric Clapton. 

As the recordings suggest, the journey of the legends was not a walk in the park. They had their ups and downs as well. Ace per recent leaks, Harrison left the band midway. He was depressed and concerned about the fact that his music did not get enough publicity. George felt that he was overshadowed by John Lenon & Paul McCartney. This created a rift in The Beatles. 

John Lenon acted accordingly. He clearly stated that one cannot abandon a band midway. Lenon this concerned Harrison about his decision. Lenon stated that Eric Clapton would be inducted into the band instead of George. However, soon the problem was solved. George Harrison understood the situation and continued with the band. It has been almost fifty years since this incident. The Beatles have been featured in a documentary. It is directed by Peter Jackson and is expected to be released soon.