Jason Derulo, Jena Frumes Is Splitting 4 Months Following Son’s Birth

jason derulo
jason derulo

Jason Derulo has announced that he has parted ways with Jena Frumes. On Thursday, 32-year-old Derulo made the announcement regarding him and Frumes, his girlfriend. About 5 months before the break-up, the former partners had welcomed Jason King, their son. The two had started being in a romantic relationship in March 2020.

A Cordial Parting For Jason Derulo

In a Twitter post, Jason Derulo said that he and Jena had decided to go their separate ways. He described her as one of the most amazing mothers. However, the two of them feel that being apart during this period will let them be their best versions. They also think that they can be much better parents if they are separate right now. Jason Derulo ended the note by requesting for their privacy to be respected during this period.  

28-year-old Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo have the same day of birth. Just one day earlier, the couple had celebrated both of their birthdays in Colorado’s Aspen. Frumes had even shared a loving post that was dedicated to Derulo, the singer.

On Wednesday, Frumes had said that she felt blessed that she and her lover has the same birthday. She called him the most loving, silly, talented, hardworking, and handsome human ever. She also talked about being whole when he is with her and expressed her gratitude for the love between them. In the post, she talked about how she was looking forward to making more memories involving Derulo and their son.

She had continued by saying that Derulo made her unusually soft by accepting her as she is. She ended the post by expressing her love and hoping for another positive year. The post has since been deleted. However, her Instagram still has other pictures with Derulo.

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