Joe Jonas Recalled Of Him Losing The Chance To Become Spider-Man To Andrew Garfield

Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas

In a recent interview Joe Jonas have revealed how he lost his chance to become spider-man and ultimately Andrew Garfield Landed the role. He said that in that moment he felt like being defeated or destroyed, but held his hands up as he realized that Garfield is a cracker for that role.

The 33-year-old singer of Jonas brothers, who also appears in the upcoming war movie Devotion, claimed on a latest issue of the Just for Variety podcast that he had tried out for the main part in Webb’s movie “ The Amazing Spider-Man.

The role for the movie was finally bagged by Andrew Garfield who acted in the movie with the female lead, Emma Stone.

Joe Jonas in the podcast talks about the movie where he says that in that moment one may feel defeated or destroyed as he did. However, he realized that the person who won the role was also brilliant.

Joe Jonas Talks About How He Lost His Role Of Spider-Man To Andrew Garfield:

He added that he remembers back in those days, going for a callback was huge. He said that as Mark Webb, the director was a music video director, he thought he might had a chance. However, he said that he loved the process of auditioning and he loved that one had to prove himself for that role.

When Joe Jonas was approached by MTV Television in 2010 on a red carpet if he would be interesting in portraying Spider-Man, recruitment was already in progress. Jonas largely avoided the topic.

The former Camp Rock cast member further revealed to Variety how his Game of Thrones as well as X-Men star spouse Sophie Turner assisted in directing him during his recorded auditions for the movie Devotion, that also stars Glenn Powell and  Jonathan Majors .