Naya Rivera’s Family On Losing Her

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera

The family of Naya Rivera, the late American actress, reflected on the days that they lost the actress and the things that they went through while searching for her body. The star from the American tv drama series went missing on the 8th of July last in the year 2020. She was last known to be on Lake Piru that is situated in the state of California. The actress died due to accidental drowning. 

Naya Rivera’s Last Conversation

Yolanda Previtire, the mother of the late actress, gave a detailed account of her last interaction with her loving daughter. She said it on the platform of the American television program, Good Morning America that was aired this Thursday. It was stated that Naya Rivera talked to her mother through FaceTime. At that time she was on a pontoon that she had rented. There were just two people on the pontoon, her and Josey Dorsey, her son, and the two were on a trip to Lake Piru. That was on the 8th of July.

The screenshots of the call helped the search team to locate the body of the Glee star later. She lost her life at the age of 33. Before dying, she made sure that her son, Josey, was safe. Nikola Rivera, the younger sister of the late actress also reflected on raising her sister’s son. She is doing it with the ex-husband of Naya Rivera, Ryan Dorsey, the American actor. 

Yolanda Previtire said that when she last talked to her late daughter, the late actress was busy fishing with her son. And then she took screenshots of her grandson enjoying fishing with her mom. She also stated that the weather was good that day and her daughter looked flawless. Naya Rivera had a bathing suit that was white in color and she looked beautiful in the sun.