Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) Receives “Buy” Rating From Analysts


Electronic Arts shares have received an average ‘buy’ recommendation from 21 brokerages. 12 investment analysts assigned the stock a ‘hold’ rating, 14 gave ‘buy’, and 1 assigned ‘buy’. The average price objective for 1 year was $152.21 last year.

On Thursday, the company started from $133.05 with the market cap being $38.27B. Their lowest in 52-weeks is $85.69 while the highest is $150.30. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 2.75, 2.75, and 0.05. Their 52-day rolling average is $142.63 while the 200-day is $134.13.

According to their 1st February report, the quarterly EPS earnings was $3.06/share that topped the $2.96 consensus EPS by almost $0.10. They had a 23.51% net margin with a 17.85% equity return. Their quarterly revenue was $2.40B that surpassed the $2.38B estimate.

Market Undertakings By EA Stock

Cowen raised the price objective of Electronic Arts shares to $171 from $161 and gave a rating of ‘outperform’. JPMorgan Chase demoted it to a rating of ‘neutral’ from ‘overweight’ and assigned a price objective of $155. Benchmark assigned a ‘buy’ recommendation with a $177 price objective. BMO Cap. Markets upgraded it to $143 from $127 and gave a rating of ‘market perform’. Wells Fargo promoted it to $165 from $145 and gave a rating of ‘equal weight’.

Vijayanthimala Singh, the insider, sold off 2,000 Electronic Arts shares at $150 EPS worth $300,000. Blake Jorgensen, CFO, sold off 5,975 Electronic Arts shares at $132.64 EPS worth $792,524. 0.92% stock is owned by insiders.

Central Trust raised their holdings on Electronic Arts stock by nearly 1.6%, owning $655,000 worth of shares. Thoroughbred Services upgraded their stake roughly 1.9% and own shares priced at $555,000. Triangle Securities Management increased its position by approximately 0.9%, owning $1,336,000 worth of shares. Leelyn Smith promoted their stake by almost 1.7%, owning shares priced at $672,000. 87.95% Electronic Arts stock is owned by institutional investors and hedge funds.

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