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holly robinson peete

Holly Robinson Peete To Play Mom To Child With Autism In A Hallmark First

In a role that reflects her real-life role, Holly Robinson Peete will start in the first-ever holiday film by Hallmark that has a character...
the best place to retire for golfers

Where is the best place to retire for golfers?

Retirees are always looking for the best place to retire. The recent trend has been towards warmer climates, coastal towns and cities, and those...

BTS Gives Speech At UN General Assembly

One of this year’s speeches at the United Nations General Assembly was one of the most spectacular ones so far. BTS, the K-pop band,...
alan braid

Alan Braid Sued For Defying Texas Abortion Law

Alan Braid, a doctor in San Antonio, had defied the new Texas abortion law and performed the procedure. Through this act, he had dared...
debt limit

Debt Limit To Be Pursued By Democrats Despite GOP Opposition

On Monday. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer announced that they were planning to get the national debt limit suspended by linking a government short-term...