The Life-Changing The Wedding Singer

the wedding singer

Adam Sandler’s life changed after The Wedding Singer, nobody could actually believe the low-budget film would be life-changing. This is during the Adam Sandler basketball cap and baggy pant phase. Along with Drew Barrymore. Frank Coraci was behind the cameras directing this gem of a movie and had no idea it would be a blockbuster. It’s already been 25 years of that film. It was the film that brought fame to the actors almost immediately. And their film success party was great.

The Titanic Was The Greatest Competitor Of The Wedding Singer

The Wedding singer arrived late at the movie theatre, and The Titanic was still roaring at the box office. Still, The Wedding Singer made it to the second one on the list.

It was the perfect valentines day movie, after titanic. The director shared a funny story that back then the guys brought their girlfriends to see The Wedding Singer, which was actually a blessing to people. After the titanic, they needed some laughs.

The Wedding Singer was a movie of reunion, Frank Coraci and Adam Sandler were college friends at NYU. Adam Sandler always had an idea to do such a movie, it was on his bucket list and Coraci made it happen.

The scriptwriter who lost his way while writing the characters for Adam and Drew. He lost in the midway, where to go with those characters. The Wedding Singer was shot at Carrie Fisher’s home. And she was such a nice host, every now and then some famous people showed up.

The challenging part of a rom-com is everyone pretty much knows how it’s gonna end, so it’s the director’s and writer’s job to take teh audience through the roller coaster ride along with unexpected twists and turns, while on the journey.

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