The Motorola Edge is a more accessible flagship phone

Back in the first few months of 2020, Motorola came with a storm in the flagship market- bringing with itself the Motorola Edge Plus, a $999 smartphone that had been designed specifically to fight pound per pound with the other heavyweights in the flagship industry. Well, now Motorola is bringing out the Motorola Edge, a less-powered, less-priced, semi-flagship version at a price of $699.

The Motorola Edge resembles the Motorola Edge Plus except for the color scheme of the back, and the number of cameras set behind. To put it simply, the Motorola Edge is quite a remarkable slab of glass and aluminum, with an Endless Edge Display which is sure to catch your eye.

When it comes to specifications, the Edge differs from the Edge Plus in its stats- expected, given the price range. The Snapdragon processor of the Motorola Edge has been slanted to 765. The battery is at 4500 mAh. The Edge has a RAM of 6 GB, quite powerful in its own right, but no match for the 12 GB RAM on the Edge Plus.

Well, it would be absolutely wrong to throw it out of the competition, as it gives quite the same features than the Edge Plus but at a much lower rate.


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