The Polar Unite Makes a Good Case for Simpler, Cheaper Fitness Watches

While fitness should be a time-relaxing event, most wearable companies have decided to make it more complicated than it should be, Polar Unite comes to the market with easily accessible features, a decent price, and solid performance. The Polar Unite isn’t for those who want their brains to be blown off– this is for those who run on pure efficiency.

The Polar Unite will make sure to provide your smartphone with notifications- tracking your heart rate and calories as you move through your workout. It also has a battery life of 4 days, and a waterproof level of 30 metres- not suitable for Olympic sized swimming pools, but not bad for showers.

The Polar Unite isn’t flashy- you don’t get a particularly blaring touchscreen, or even music storage or third-party apps, but if all you are interested in is a good solid workout- this shouldn’t matter.

To put it simply, the Polar Unite is designed for those who want to maintain their fitness levels and chart it, but aren’t as tech-savvy as we want them to be. They want a watch that tracks their workout- Polar Unite does that.