Analysts Have Been Expecting The Stocks Of JWN To Post An EPS Of $0.49


Several research analysts working at Wedbush have already increased the EPS estimates for JWN for 2022, according to a note that was sent to investors on the 30th of December. J. Redding, one of the analysts from Wedbush, is anticipating the retailer to post an EPS of $0.49 which is more than the previous forecast of $0.46. The company currently has a rating of neutral, with a price target set at $35. Wedbush has predicted the Q4 2022 earnings of the company at 0.77 EPS, with an FY2022 EPS of $1.52.

The Quarterly Earnings of JWN

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of JWN. Telsey Advisory has already lifted the price target on the shares of the company from $24 to $28 while giving the company a rating of outperform. Zacks Investment Research has also increased the rating of the company from sell to hold, with a price target of $17 on the stocks in a research note that was sent out on the 13th of November.

KeyCorp has increased the price target of the company from a sum of $30 to a sum of $35 while giving the stocks a rating of overweight. Barclays has boosted the price target on the sales of the company with a rating of underweight, and a price target of $19. In the end, Citigroup also joined in the fun, with a price target set at $26. 

Four of the investment analysts covering the stocks of JWN have already given it a rating of sell, while ten of them have given it a rating of hold. Three investment analysts have given the company a rating of buy, with one investment analyst giving it a strong buy. Currently, the stocks have a consensus rating of ‘hold’, with a price target set at $27.89.