Lebron James Steps It In Lakers Vs Cavaliers: Leads Team To A 131-120 Win

lakers vs cavaliers
lakers vs cavaliers

It was a warm welcome from LeBron James as he returned to his former home ground. he was welcomed to a thunderous cheer as he emerged from the tunnel. There would be many more before the night was over. An array of brilliance was evident as he took center stage in the Lakers vs Cavaliers game.

Among the banners that he left behind when he moved to the Lakers is one of the 2016 championships. And he looked like he was at home throughout the night. The Lakers vs Cavaliers game ended in a 131-120 win for LeBron’s team.

The loss breaks the 2-game winning run for the Cleveland team. They are down 3-2 on the homestand. The Lakers vs Cavaliers game was an opportunity for the home team to demonstrate how far they had moved since LeBron moved to the other side in 2018.

This game was expected to be a move forward in Cleveland’s quest for the postseason. It would have been the 1st berth without LeBron after 2018. It would have been the ideal opportunity to conclude a fruitful homestand.

But it turned out to be LeBron’s homecoming instead. And Cleveland got captivated in the celebrations surrounding the Lakers vs Cavaliers game.

Cleveland Coach Says Team Caught Up In The Dazzle Of The Lakers Vs Cavaliers Game

Cavaliers coach Bickerstaff was critical of the defense. He said that it could not rise to the level necessary to compete with the Lakers. He said the team got trapped in the dazzle of the game.

Instead of concentrating on the big picture and facing the task at hand, Cleveland allowed themselves to be overcome by the moment.

It was LeBron’s lone visit to his former home in this season. The native of Akron stunned the crowd, which was a mixture of Lakers fans, Cavaliers fans, and LeBron fans. He came up with a high of 38 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists, a record against a former team.