The Trade Of Francisco Lindor Summarizes Baseball’s Miserable Economic System

Francisco Lindor
Francisco Lindor

After telegraphing their plans of prioritizing financial flexibility instead of the franchise’s face, Cleveland traded Francisco Lindor, shortstop, and Carlos Carrasco, starting veteran pitcher to the club Mets for infielders Andres Gimenez and Amed Rosario along with a few other prospects. Carlos is a starter who is loved by the Mets fans, he bolsters the last segments of the top-heavy rotation of the Mets.

The Trade Of Francisco Lindor Proves That It Has All Become A Game Of Money

Francisco Lindor like Betts is a superstar who has proven himself time and again, he just entered his team control’s final year and his age-27 season. The Mets should look for extending his contract before he turns into a free agent. This was amazing work done by the front office of the club after abdicating their obvious leverage which is making it appear like the club wants to keep their All-star who is in the prime of his career.

One analysis is that this was nothing but one salary dump of Cleveland who has the lowest payroll in the entire baseball league. Another analysis seems a bit cynical because it looks like the owners of baseball are not treating the game baseball with a similar interest, effort, affection, or even enthusiasm as a normal casual fan or a participant will. Cleveland selling Francisco Lindor while the Tampa Rays would sell Blake Snell also Chicago Cubs will sell Yu Darvish as living proof of the second analysis.

For a short period of time, baseball didn’t have bad trades like trading Francisco Lindor. However, there were proverbial “sellers” and “buyers” who wanted to win or build something which stays in the future too. The euphemism of future and sustainability has turned out into a cover for getting rid of players in a conventional sense which focuses mainly on the deal’s financial recoup.

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