Infamous Photo Of Richard Barnett During Capitol Riot Goes Viral On Social Media

Richard Barnett
Richard Barnett

On Wednesday, during the Capitol Hill riots, one man was photographed sitting on the desk of Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker’s office, this man was identified as having the name Richard Barnett who lives in Arkansas’s Gravette. This picture got posted on the social site account of Richard Barnett. The photos showed him putting his feet on the table of Pelosi’s office which managed to send shockwaves in the country. Kurt Maddox, Gravette’s mayor said that after Barnett got identified through social media, a plethora of death threats were sent into the city hall of Gravette from across the nation.

Gravette Takes Safety Measures Following The Actions Of Richard Barnett

The callers threatened mostly people living in that area and police officers. Maddox said that every mayor wants their city to receive publicity but this is simply not the publicity he was hoping for. He further stated that while everyone possesses the right of protesting peacefully, that line gets crossed when the protesters begin breaking laws and destroying property. On Thursday, the city of Gravette is taking additional safety measures regarding allowing people inside the building only when they call ahead and locking down all the police departments.

After the case of Richard Barnett, the city officials mentioned that all the doors of the City Hall except the main front entrance should get locked in the day. Several businesses in that area have also remained locked down while allowing only those customers with a prior appointment. Joey Cannon, General Manager, Can Do Hardware, stated that he has seen Richard Barnett in the city, however, he is not so familiar with him. He is very shocked to see him appear on the big national stage like the other residents. If the city gets backlash due to Barnett’s actions, they have a plan for the safety of both residents and the businesses.