Rush Limbaugh Didn’t Want To Stop Violence Following Storming Of The Capitol

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh, host of the conservative radio took a rather dismissive tone regarding ending the violence following the mob insurrection and civil unrest during the storming of the Capitol. He compared the rioters and protesters to the revolutionary colonists responsible for sparking the 18th century American Revolution.

Rush Limbaugh Compares The Protesters To Revolutionary Colonists

Rush Limbaugh stated on the program on Thursday that people are supposed to get horrified by these protesters. Some people are calling for an end to all this violence, conservative people and social media are saying that any form of aggressive violence is unacceptable even in the direst circumstances. He added that he is glad that the guys of the tea party, Thomas Paine, Sam Adams, the men inside Concord and Lexington do not feel this way. Rush Limbaugh terms Wednesday’s unrest as a result due to the American citizens getting fed up with all the political left-leaning activism that has been going on across the country for many months.

Limbaugh said that these protesters are American people who are tired due to getting ignored, called racists, lied about by the pop culture and the Democrats appearing in social media. The people are getting fed up regarding their elections getting stolen by the Congressional Democrats. They anticipated that the Senate votes would also get stolen before the election. But most of the popular American people got disgusted with the mob violence, unlike Rush Limbaugh.

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator of Texas who got blamed by many critics for the violence and chaos because he objected to the process of election certification termed the rioters as “domestic terrorists”.Lindsey Graham, Senator and Trump’s ally said the same thing saying that the protesters stood for everything that is against American democracy.