The Uefa Champions League Stats: Messi’s 0 Dortmund’s 1, Ramos’ 22, Sterling’s 27

UEFA Champions League
Champions League

There are four teams who saw through the first knockout rounds and are in the quarterfinals of UEFA Champions League this season. However, that also means four teams are already out of the tournament. These four qualifying teams are Bayern, AC Milan, Chelsea and Benfica.

After Chelsea’s first leg defeat against Dortmund, nobody believed that this team considering their current form could turn things around to qualify for the next round. However, Graham Potter’s Chelsea hold Dortmund with their one goal lead and then won the match 2-1 on aggregate to qualify for the next round of the UEFA Champions League. Kai Havertz and Raheem Sterling scored the two goals for Chelsea.

Benfica on the other hand faced Club Brugge in their qualifying game. They won their first leg match with a 2-1 scoreline and any team from such position could have won the tie. Well, in the second leg, Benfica scored five goals against Brugge and won the game 7-1 on aggregate.

UEFA Champions League Stats:

Unlike Chelsea, the Tottenham, another London side fell short against AC Milan and could not pull off a comeback. They lost the first leg 1-0 against Milan and they could not break the deadlock in the second leg as they were tied to a goalless draw.

However, PDG with all their firepower and Lionel Messi on their side failed to score against Bayern Munich and lost their second leg match 2-0 against the Bavarians. This scoreline took the aggregate of the fixture to 3-0 for Bayern. Messi has lost against Bayern Munich in all his last three faceoffs against the team including the time when Barcelona his previous team got humiliated with a 8-2 scoreline against those Bavarians in the UEFA Champions League.

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