NBA Power Rankings: Knicks Streak Ended And West Is Still Crowded


The Knicks from New York have enjoyed a great streak that took them to the record books for the longest running active streak in MBA. However, their streak finally ended as they lost to the Hornets of Tuesday. Now that the Knicks streak is over, Philly 76ers, Bucks and Celtics all have a chance to climb up the NBA power rankings despite losing to Knicks in the past couple of weeks.

Beside that, Knicks despite having a great run haven’t actually played against the stronger opponents of the game. However, in the West, the lower half of the table is up for a grab and teams like LA Lakers, Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder, And Portland Trail Blazers are fighting for that spot. This race will remain tight even in the final months of the season. This is mainly because all these teams will be trying to get in the post season and try for the Western conference.

NBA Power Ranking Updated: The Wester Part Still Stays Crowded:

As soon as the NBA power ranking opened up, the Milwaukee Bucks lost no time to get back in the winning part as they win games back-to-back to maintain their winning streak which currently stands at 16 games win.

While the Western part keep fighting each other to get in the NBA power ranking, the Nuggets are pretty much sorted as they sit at the top of the table and without much of a competition from the other teams. So, there is no reason to panic for the Nuggets as they are not going anywhere soon.

The Cletics had a trough patch this weekend. They blew their twenty-eight point lead to accept a defeat against the Brooklyn team last Friday, and then they lost their back-to-back games against New York and Cleveland on Sunday and on Monday.