The Weeknd Music Video Debuts Drastic Facial Alterations

The Weeknd
The Weeknd

In The Weeknd music video, Abel Tesfaye’s jawline, cheeks, and lips were exaggerated with his nose appearing crooked. The Weeknd band is going for a totally different look. On Tuesday, musician Abel Tesfaye,30, dropped a new music video for accompanying “Save Your Tears” the song from his album which is highly acclaimed,” After Hours”.During the video, Abel Tesfaye, singer, can be viewed with facial alterations which were quite drastic, making the singer nearly unrecognizable. 

All the viewers noticed that the band’s lips, jawline, and cheekbones became more prominent with a crooked nose. There were also visible scars on the sides of the faces and the cheeks. While the changes look convincing, they were simply prosthetics, created by Prosthetic Renaissance’s Mike Marino whole later explained on social media app Instagram that the changes were a result of weird makeup by plastic surgery.

Fans Puzzled By The Bloodied And Bandaged Appearance Of The Weeknd

The Weeknd donned a red glitzy jacket like Michael Jackson used to wear as he danced around in a spooky and dark ballroom in the masquerade-themed planned event. During the video, the band, The Weeknd manages to hide one revolver behind the back while lights start to flicker out. As the lights came back on, a woman was holding that gun to his head. Fans think that he evidently survived that ordeal because he was dancing all around the spooky room in the next song while imitating to shoot everyone with that gun. 

At the end of the video, he points that gun directly to his head while shooting himself. Then only white confetti and blood came out with the crowd cheering. The star will serve the halftime entertainment of this year. He was seen at various award shows past year looking bloodied and battered at the award show VMAs and appearing in facial bandages in the award show AMAs.