Kathy Hochul Finally Lifts The Mandatory Wearing Of Face Masks

kathy hochul
kathy hochul

Governor Kathy Hochul will remove the rule of wearing face masks mandatorily in The New York State school by Wednesday. In an interview, she stated that time has ultimately come in New Work where the State can be finally declared ‘low risk’ concerning Covid-19 infection. The current guidance of the CDC confirmed this data. The announcement made it clear that lifting the rule will be from 2nd March, while some work is still needed in areas with higher favorable rates. 

Kathy Hochul Made Headlines With Her Announcement

The Governor said counties with higher infection rates could determine what they want. However, the parents can still make their children wear masks as per their wishes and stress that these children must not be bullied for such a choice. In a statement given by Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City, he thanked every citizen of the country for following the rules and getting vaccinated to prevent the spread. He even gave credit to Governor Hochul, who helped in every situation and was an excellent partner. 

Adams confirmed that per day cases are going down, and business owners must now focus on their revenue and adapt quickly. He added that involving the parents to be a part of the conversation by Governor Hochul was a good decision and that with time requirements of Key2NYC will also be lifted. 

Kathy Hochul put restrictions on the mask rule in nursing homes, adult care facilities, homeless shelters, and many more. The schools will reopen on Monday, and after a proper evaluation, the announcement will be made on Friday about the lifting of the masks. As stated by Adams, the mandatory vaccine rule must be in place, as it can only protect the people from the pandemic. Furthermore, some Catholic schools in the Archdiocese decided to execute this new rule after the announcement of Kathy Hochul on 2nd March.