Al Roker Walks For One More Time Before Complete Knee Replacement

Al Roker
Al Roker

Al Roker went out for one final walk before he goes into the operating room to get his knee completely replaced later on in the week. The popular weathercaster posted an update on his Instagram reel on May Saturday. He showed himself limping through Central Park in New York for one final stroll.

Al Roker Looking Forward To His Knee Replacement

While speaking with his followers, Al Roker said that he was just about three days away from getting surgery for a replacement for his left knee. He explained that it would be replacing an older replacement. Al Roker was seemingly shuffling as he walked, but the weatherman talked about having to get outside to make the most of a gorgeous day.

The 68-year-old co-anchor on the show “Today” has already talked about being unavailable at the magazine covering the news in the morning for a little bit while he will be recovering after the surgery. The fans of Al Roker soon filled up the comments for the clip with well-wished for the well-liked broadcast personality.

One of the fans called him liquid sunshine and wished Al Roker an uneventful surgery and quick recovery. Another fan echoed the sentiment by wishing the celebrity an uncomplicated and speedy surgery and recovery.

This is not the first time Roker is getting a part of his body replaced. In 2020, the veteran of television underwent a shoulder replacement. The Hospital for Special Surgery is where it took place. About the incident, Roker explained that he suffered from an arthritic shoulder. As such, even if it is not as bad at the moment, it was so bad that the man could not sleep due to the pain at night.