TikTok vs YouTube Fight Winners Have Been Decided!

tiktok vs youtube fight
tiktok vs youtube fight

There was a lot of anticipation for the TikTok vs YouTube fight. One of social media’s hottest sports events has reached its conclusion on 12th June. Here’s a short rundown of the victors and the ones who lost out.

The Final Results of The TikTok vs YouTube Fight

Back in December of last year, Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom had talked about a potential fight. However, Bryce was not an easy person to convince about taking the ring. Fortunately, after waiting for months, followers of several creators saw, once and for all, who is the ruler of social media – at least for boxing.

Content creators from YouTube were the overall winners in the TikTok vs Youtube fight. One of the fights got canceled, however. The Ryland Storms vs Tanner Fox match did not take place.

Nevertheless, the viewers who tuned in did not have a lack of entertainment from the performance of the creators. The first TikTok vs YoutTube fight was between Cale Saurage and Ryan Johnston. It lasted for five rounds, with the judges awarding Ryan with the win. The YouTubers already got a point down.

In the matches that followed, the content creators from YouTube were apparently much more focused on the fights. As a result, DDG, Landon McBroom, and FaZe Jarvis defeated Nate Wyatt, Ben Azelart, and Michael Le respectively.

However, the TikToker finally opened their scoring with Vinnie Hacker defeating Deji. A draw followed this one with the fight between Tayler Holder and AnEsonGib. In the final match, YouTube once more with Austin coming out on top of Bryce. The final score out of the 7 matches stood at YouTube with 6 while TikTok had 1.

For those curious, the bout between Ryland and Tanner could not take place because their weights did not fall in the same category.

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