Tim Tebow Of The New York Mets Retires From Baseball

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow, the professional American baseball player is retiring from the game. This decision comes after being a minor leaguer with the team, the New York Mets. He is the winner of the Heisman Trophy of the year, 2007.

The player made his return to the game for the first time in the year 2016. The last time Tim Tebow got involved in the baseball game was during his high school days’ junior year. He had been encouraged by Sandy Alderson, who used to be the general manager of the team. He now holds the position of the team’s President.

The total number of games played by the player in the highest minor league of baseball in the year 2019, was 77. During the offseason, the player worked in the SEC Network of the ESPN channel as one of the analysts of football. Tim Tebow is getting retired with an average score of .223 out of 287 games.

Tim Tebow On His Decision

The 33-year-old player gave a statement with regard to him retiring from his professional career. He went on to express gratitude towards his team, the New York Mets, the president, his fans and all of his teammates. He said that he enjoyed all of his time with these people. However, Tim Tebow also added that irrespective of everything, he wanted to venture into different “directions”. He further added that he preferred to focus only on one thing at a time and so he had to leave.

The president of the New York Mets, Sandy Sanderson too gave a statement following the news. He stated that his journey with the player had been a pleasurable one. He also mentioned some of the achievements of the player.