Nets Stage A Comeback Over Suns On The Back Of James Harden


No one would have given Brooklyn Nets a chance against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, but James Harden proved why they should never be written off. Although the skepticism was justified- with the Nets both leaving out Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the individual brilliance of James Harden saw to it that Nets had the last laugh. The Phoenix Suns had controlled the flow of the game from the very beginning- as the first 24 minutes saw the club with a 75-54 lead. In such a precarious position, it was thought that the team from Brooklyn would simply give up. But that was not the case. 

Brooklyn Nets Deserved Victory in this David-Goliath Match

Instead, the Brooklyn Nets put up one of the most hard-fought comebacks on the shoulders of James Harden. In the end, the score read 128-124, which put them in the second position in the Eastern Conference. Their current road trip has resulted in them being undefeated against some of the strongest teams in the division- the Clippers and the Lakers.

This comeback started off in the third quarter, where a quick 7 point run by the Nets led to them closing in on the gap. After both the teams sparred for a little, it was Harden who again headlined with 7 points straight. Although the Sun had climbed back up to put the point lead at 12, all it took was a combined effort from Tyler Johnson, Joe Harris, and Landry Shamet who went on a fierce run in the fourth quarter to cut down the lead by 2 points. In the end, that was all James Harden wanted- with nine more points and a three-pointer, he went up and above Chris Paul of the Suns, who gave his all in the game. 

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