Tim Tebow Released By Jaguars Stopping His Comeback In The NFL

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow was a part of only 16 snaps during Jaguar’s loss on Sunday against the Browns. This marked the Jaguars releasing him just a few days after the disastrous debut shown by him playing as a tight end in the NFL.

Tim Tebow had not been a part of the NFL since the last playing back in 2015 and was making attempts towards having a comeback moment. However, since being let go, he took to Twitter and expressed his gratitude towards the organization for supporting him and giving him a chance to make a comeback. His performance in the opening preseason game did not go quite as expected and resulted in the team in a defeat. The performance by Tim Tebow garnered a lot of negative attention from the media once the blocking clips went viral.

Tim Tebow So Far In The NFL

Tim Tebow became a part of the squad of the Jacksonville Jaguars after a long break of 5 years from the NFL. He was given the position of a tight end which was a shift from his previous natural position as a quarterback. He had his last game in the league back in 2015, since when he appeared for the Mets in the minor league. 

Even though the athlete was reunited with Urban Meyer, his coach, the time off from the big league and switching from quarterback to the position of tight end proved to take a toll on the player. After just 16 snaps through the game, the match ended in a loss for the Jaguars, but that was not all. Tim Tebow’s performance was disastrous.

Although Tim Tebow was a player with great potential, where he led the Broncos to a victory in the playoffs in 2011, he never became a quarterback who was dependable in the NFL. He was inconsistent in form and thereby failed to stick to the Jets, Philadelphia, and New England.

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