Lana Del Rey Sets New Record Releasing In June, Named ‘Rock Candy Sweet’

lana del rey
lana del rey

On the 19th of March, Lana Del Rey, often regarded as the queen of indie-pop, released her seventh studio effort, ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club.’

Following the release of her record, the singer took to Instagram to address some articles against her. The album will be called, confirmed by Lana Del Rey, ‘Rock Candy Sweet.’ Her previous record was released on Friday, which sounds like a kind of sublime statement. Apart from gaining widespread unanimous acclaim, the record has been earning streams online. 

The musician, actress, and singer confirmed that the release would be on the 1st of June on her Instagram post. 

Lana Del Rey’s Rock Candy Sweet: What Will Be Different?

The announcement of the new record was made on Lana Del Rey’s Instagram Stories. In them, she made responses to a January article by Harper’s Bazaar. The article was titled in the lines of saying that the singer could not “qualify” herself out for being accountable. 

Lana Del Rey posted screenshots of the article on her stories with her responses. She mockingly ‘thanked’ the article for “reminding” her that she made a career on glamorizing “cultural appropriation” and “domestic abuse.” She then pointed out that those issues would be challenged on her next album, titled “Rock Candy Sweet.” 

She further highlighted a line in another screenshot about her comments on the album’s cover. She wrote that the cover art had people of color in it. Lana Del Rey made further comments in it, mentioning how “inclusivity” is not one of her issues. 

The Grammy-nominated singer’s comments on Donald Trump and the Capitol Riots were also addressed. She tagged the passage about the topic. And then directly write in red color below that she wanted “revenge.”