Vibrant Britney Spears Flaunts Her Toned Physique

britney spears
britney spears

Britney Spears seems to enjoy her life to the fullest. It has just been days after her father decided to step down from the conservatorship. Spears appeared more free and vibrant after her win against her father. She earlier stated that conservatorship was the biggest mistake of her life. She was being controlled by her father. Spears did not have the liberty to take any decisions. She was made to work for inhuman hours. Her father was also accused to have taken a chunk of the hard-earned money from the pop star. An independent and happy-looking Spears shared some stunning pictures on Instagram. The pictures were posted on Tuesday. 

Britney Spears Stands Up For Nudity

The recent win over her father has given new wings to the pop singer. She is now free to live her life as per her wish. Spears reflected her point of view on nudity recently. Britney had been posting a lot of topless pictures of herself on social media. The recent post came on Tuesday. She was spotted topless with jeans shorts that were blue. The star captioned the picture with emojis of red roses. 

Fans started speculating the possible reasons for the series of pictures. Spears answered them all. She revealed her motive behind posting her topless physique. The star performer stated that she preferred to look at herself naked. Every individual was born naked. She believed that nudity a the purest form of an individual. Spears stated that all the makeup and the costumes hid her real self. 

Britney Spears also teased a possible collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Justin was Spear’s ex-love interest. Posting a picture of a cat, the singer mentioned Justin Timberlake in the captions. This led to the rumor of what seemed like an upcoming collaboration. Timberlake earlier extended his support for Britney Spears in the conservatorship issue. He stated that no person should be made to work against the will. 


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