Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Energy is one essential component we can’t do without. We use it everyday for various applications, be it cooking, washing, entertainment, temperature control, and many more. As much as we love to use energy (gas and electricity), many of us get perplexed when our bills take up most of our finances. This can be either attributed to poor management of energy usage or high energy tariffs, or even both. For this reason, there is a need to become more energy efficient and compare energy prices.

How Can I Become More Energy Efficient?

Depending on the type of energy you use, electricity or gas, or both, you can become more energy efficient. However, this mostly favours homeowners, especially if the home needs insulation. The cost of insulation and replacement of equipment makes it expensive for tenants. However, there are more ways to save energy as well.

  • Switch to energy saving gadgets.
  • Turn off appliances when not in use.
  • Do laundry under low temperatures.
  • Manage your room temperature (heating and cooling).
  • Save energy usage in the kitchen

These are just a few tips for improving energy efficiency. By saving more energy, you can reduce the cost of energy bills.

Why Should I Change Providers?

In the UK, an estimated number of 11 million households pay exorbitant prices for electricity and gas – it gets worse for those under the Big Six energy companies, namely British Gas, EDF, E.ON, Scottish Power, Npower, and SSE. These companies own a large share of the energy markets, with British Gas being the largest provider, owning 22% of the electricity market and 33% of the gas market. It will interest you to know that about 80% of UK households get their gas and electricity from these providers.

By switching to smaller providers, households can save up to £370 in tariffs annually. The average dual fuel tariff under these giant energy corporations amounts to £1,123, which is more than the average tariff smaller energy providers offer.

How Can I Change Providers?

In 2018, more than 630,000 energy users switched to new providers, and over 40% of UK households migrated from the Big Six energy companies to smaller energy providers. Despite this figure, 58% of consumers have never, for once, switched providers, losing an average of £300 annually. Many assume that the switching process is complicated. However, that is not the case. Contrary to this view, it takes just minutes to apply for a change in energy provider.

First of all, you need to contact a reputable energy provider to compare energy tariffs. To get the best deals, switch your energy on usave.co.uk. You will have to provide information on your postcode, the amount of energy you consume, supplier’s name, and energy bill. With these details, you will have access to a list of energy providers in your area. Compare energy plans and select the one most ideal for your needs. Let your new provider handle the rest. You will receive a welcome package. Additionally, there is a 14-day cooling period where you can decide to terminate the process if for any reason, you change your mind.

You do not have to contact your current provider, as this will be handled by your new energy provider. Within 21 days, the switching process will be completed. “What happens to my energy supply during this period?” you may wonder. During this period, you will still enjoy your energy supply, uninterruptedly. In fact, the only change you will notice is a different supplier’s name and energy bill. Get more value for your money by changing your energy provider.