Olivia Breen Enraged As Official Points Out Her Sprint Shorts Being ‘Too Short’

olivia breen
olivia breen

Olivia Breen, a Paralympian, is competing in England, at the Muller British Athletics Championships in the finals at the Long Jump for Women, on 27th June 2021.

Olivia Breen, who has been the world champion twice for the Paralympics, states that she was stunned and speechless when an official present in the venue of the Championship in England, pointed out to her shorts for sprinting and that they were being labeled as inappropriate and too short. 

The athlete took to Twitter and made a post on Sunday, where she expressed her gratitude to the faculty and the volunteers who are responsible for officiating the competition. She also pointed out the fact that there must be an environment where women do not feel self-conscious when they compete. 

Olivia Breen expressed her disgust even more because the remark had come from a woman. She later said in an interview that there is absolutely no one who can decide what a person can or can’t wear. She was also grateful to the England Athletics because of their support and is proceeding to issue a complaint officially.

Olivia Breen Criticizes Apparent Sexism

Olivia Breen, the winner of two major championships in the past, heavily criticized the apparent sexism by questioning whether a competitor who happens to be male, would be criticized in a similar circumstance. She reiterated the need to make women feel more confident and stop the criticism that they face.

Olivia Breen does not deny the need for guidelines and regulations to be present regarding the competition kits. That being said, women must not be uncomfortable in their skin and the clothes that are supposed to serve the opposite purpose. 

The shorts were made by Adidas especially for Olivia Breen, and apparently, make her feel freer. She represents Britain during the Tokyo Paralympics which are scheduled to be held next month and can be probably seen wearing the same shorts.