Alexandra Grant Is So Much More Than Reeves’ Girlfriend: Truly A Woman Of The World

Alexandra Grant
Alexandra Grant

Here is one girlfriend who cannot be dismissed as arm candy. Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant went public with their romance in November 2019 but have been collaborators and friends for years. But after the initial shock, fans have come to realize that Grant is formidable in her own rights.

The couple remained close for years. They have been supportive of one another in their philanthropic and creative endeavors. And there is much more to Grant hidden behind her elusive façade.

Alexandra Grant and Reeves have been collaborators on several projects. A decade back the two were together for Reeves’ book of pictures, Ode to Happiness, written for grown-ups. It contained her drawings and was published with the help of Janey Bergham, a mutual friend.

The two also created Shadows, an anthology of poems by Reeves and illustrated by Alexandra Grant. They have continued in their shared passion for literary art. In 2017 they together started a publishing firm that focuses on books that are centered on artists and transcend genres.

Alexandra Grant is a famous artist and has a Masters in drawing and painting from the College of Arts in California. She solidified her status in the world of fine arts when they debuted at the LA county art and film festival at the Museum of Art.

Alexandra Grant Is Heavily Into Women’s Rights And Support For The Deprived

Grant has been a vocal supporter of women’s presence in the arts. She stated that sexism is a real issue in the world of arts, and she had experienced that herself. A naturalized and institutionalized gender bias exists that denies women opportunities despite their talent.

Alexandra Grant has lived in multiple countries and speaks several languages including French and Spanish. She has been truly a world citizen and such cross-cultural influence has seeped into her work.

Alexandra Grant is heavily into philanthropy and participates and heads initiatives that support artists and the fine arts. She has supported community projects across Los Angeles. She believes that the education in arts is also a matter of civil rights. Exposure to the creative world positively impacts communities, she says.