Tom Brady’s Buccaneers Will Make NFL History With The Cowboys In Week 1 When The Two Teams Meet

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

NFL history will be made when the Buccaneers led by Tom Brady and Cowboys play each other Sunday night in Dallas. The two clubs will clash for the first time in Week 1 of the upcoming season when the two highest-scoring teams from the prior season met.

With a total of 32.1 points per game, the Cowboys led the NFL last season, just ahead of the Buccaneers, who came in second with 30.1 points per game. They not only had the two highest scoring teams in 2021 but also took first and second place, respectively. No other NFL team even averaged more than 29 points per game.

Being among the best scoring teams is unquestionably advantageous because it guarantees you will make the playoffs. Four of the 12 teams from the top two average point scorers over the previous six seasons made it to the Super Bowl, while 11 of those 12 teams made the playoffs.

Buccaneers Lead By Tom Brady Will Make NFL History With The Cowboys In Week 1: 

With the top two scorers facing off this week, there’s a potential that the record for the total points by two teams combined in Week 1 might be surpassed. The Buccaneers, who defeated the Saints 48-40 in their season opener in 2018, actually hold the record. There has only been five Week 1 game in the history of the NFL where 80 or more touchdowns were scored.

The Buccaneers of Tom Brady have the most seasoned Week 1 quarterback in NFL history, which is fantastic news. Tom Brady will start an NFL game for the 20th time on Sunday, breaking a tie with Drew Brees for the most opening games ever. Brady is entering his 23rd season and is only 20 since he didn’t start for his team in Week 1 in 2000, 2001, or 2016. (suspension). On opening weekend, Brady will break his record for most career passing yards if he throws for 256 yards or more. Brady presently has 5,311 passing yards, which puts him second only to Brees, who concluded his career with 5,566 yards in games that started the season.

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