Tom Daley Wins Olympic Gold In Diving

Tom Daley
Tom Daley

Tom Daley is having a dream run in Tokyo. He has won the Olympic gold medal in swimming. Daley first contested at the Olympics thirteen years ago. Tom along with his partner Matty Lee set the pool on fire. They defeated China in their quest to take the gold. Daley is also gay. He expressed his joy as a Gay and an Olympic gold medalist. He felt very much proud about the feat.

Tom Daley Takes Pride In Being A Gay Olympic Medalist

It was a dream come true moment for Daley. Both Daley & Lee pulled out a brilliant performance to beat China. They clinched the gold and both of them were overjoyed. It was almost thirteen years since Tom had appeared for his first Olympics.

The diver expressed his joy for being the champion. He stated that he was gay. He took pride in the fact that he was gay. Now that he has achieved this feat, he felt even more proud. He stated how he always lacked confidence. Society always tried to put him down. But with proper dedication and will, anything is possible. 

Daley earlier won bronze medals in two back-to-back games. He was placed third both at the Rio and the London Olympics. Speaking for the LGBT community, he said that everyone should be happy the way they are. One should embrace oneself as one is. 

Tom Daley talked about the problems an LGBT person has to face. He urged all his friends to keep their spirits high. He asked them not to lose hope and continue working hard. Daley thought that anything could be achievable. 

Tom Daley is married to Dustin Lance Black. Black and white is a renowned producer of films. They are happily married and also have a kid. He hinted at taking a rest after the Olympics. But promised to be back very soon.