Tom Holland’s Reveal Of Giving Up Alcohol Intake 

Tom Holland

Tom Holland proudly speaks about his decision to stop intaking alcohol in the public domain. Tom Holland gladly remarks that it is one of the best decisions that he has taken in his life in a podcast. 

He reveals that his desire to resort to this life sprung from his till then constant intake of alcohol, especially during his holidays. Tom Holland says that he has a high intake of intoxicants which is probably hereditary. Tom Holland informs the media that he is starting in January after his indulgence in heavy drinking throughout the Christmas season.

Tom Holland does not shy away from revealing that it was difficult for him to decline drinks. He was determined and even sorted to punish himself if he felt too dragged towards drinking. He said that he resorted to one month at a time and decided to go on every month. Tom Holland, himself, revealed that it concerned him whether he would be able to complete this challenge. 

The drinking culture of England seemed to force him to consume intoxicants. He realized that refusal making him more and more unsocial every day. All this also led him to speculate whether he had a significant problem. He tried to motivate himself to push to six months as his birthday came closer. It filled him with joy to have attained that success by the end of it in June. 

The Positivity That Got Associated With Tom Holland’s Decline In The Drinking Culture

Giving up drinking made him feel healthier and way more productive on set than he ever had been. It enhanced his mental health significantly as well. It made him question why he could not quit drinking earlier. The star has also moved away from the sport of rugby because it involved too much competition of drinking. Tom Holland further inspired his mother to follow in his footsteps. He also received immense support from his girlfriend Zendaya.