Northwestern Fires The Long Standing Coach Pat Fitzgerald

Pat Fitzgerald

The news about hazing has led to complaints against the trainer at Northwestern Pat Fitzgerald. The President proposed that the responsibility of the entire team was on the coach. Similarly, it is felt that Pat Fitzgerald has not been able to fulfill his duty. Investigations have revealed that hazing was predominately prevalent within the team and it was not difficult for Pat Fitzgerald to have the information of its occurrence. Still, we see Pat Fitzgerald has not taken any action. 

The law firm that had been appointed to conduct the investigation had revealed that there is not enough evidence, however, there were significant chances for the coach to have noticed the hazing that was ongoing on the premises. 

The Investigation Against Pat Fitzgerald And The Decisions Of Schill 

A comprehensive report had been published regarding the issue with the descriptions of hazing and sexual violence. In a letter, the president, Michael H. Schill presents that he might have focused on what was the closure of the event and might have missed out on the importance of the duties of Pat Fitzgerald of knowing such issues.  Schill also revealed how difficult of a decision it was to suspend the coach.

Pat Fitzgerald has been the star coach and has attained more records than anyone in the history of Northwestern. Fitzgerald explained how shocked he was to know about Schill’s decision and commented that his entrusting people need to look into it for proper processing. The emotional trainer had a last online meeting with the team. 

An anonymous confessional reveals that hazing was prevalent in the accordance of “Shrek Gang” and Pat Fitzgerald was involved in the same. Schill informed that he had even met with the victim and his family. Fitzgerald sticks to his statement that he did not know. It is still unknown how this firing would affect the finances. He would have been the longest-standing coach if he was not fired.