Tony DeAngelo Gets Altercation With Teammate Alex Georgiev

Tony DeAngelo
Tony DeAngelo

After the loss of the Rangers, Tony DeAngelo and Alex Georgiev reportedly went through a physical altercation. After the match against the Penguins ended with Rangers 5-4 defeat, the altercation happened between the players. The altercation was caused by DeAngelo’s remarks that were hinted to the goaltender before the match ended. According to a report, no other team players were engaged in the event. Due to the incident, the club delayed the zoom meeting with the media for almost 20 minutes. 

Rangers To Snap Tie With Tony DeAngelo

According to a source, DeAngelo remained on the ice when the Penguins were already leading the match. A miscommunication between Tony DeAngelo and the goaltender happened towards the end of the match. He allegedly showed offensive body-language to the goaltender.

As DeAngelo is on the regular waivers’ contract, questions have raised regarding the club’s decision of altercation. CBA informed that the club has to clear unconditional waivers to terminate the contract of a particular player.

According to the Standard Players’ Contract, the club is able to terminate a player under the notice of SPC for neglecting or refusing the club rules. Whether the club will inform the incident as a material breach of SPC or not is still not declared

As DeAngelo’s offensive act created turbulence inside the club, the Rangers is giving definite hints to break ties with Tony DeAngelo. The club may not give him the chance of playing matches for the Wolf Pack also.

Tony DeAngelo first made his entry in the Rangers in 2017 from Arizona. DeAngelo was suspended in the first power-play unit for some games and then on Thursday, he was restored for PP1 in Buffalo.

The defenseman did not give any reaction after being removed from the second and third games of the season. The altercation of the players is being considered as a big move for the Rangers against DeAngelo.